// Message Of The Representative of the Lebanese Market //
Once again the Lebanese Insurance market has the honor to host the Global Conference of the General Arab Insurance Federation. This conference will noticeably take place in difficult economic and social circumstances afflicting all countries of the region, a situation that inspired the theme of the conference.
“The Future Challenges of the Arab Insurance and Reinsurance Companies “
In order to take precautions against the reality of those challenges, we have the honor to invite our colleagues the Insurers to the most beautiful gathering in Beirut the city that does not sleep, in order to emphasize on the importance, strength and vision of our sector since the difficult challenges of the region proved the necessity to unify efforts of the many for its continuance, and to enhance its participation in the economic development which will inevitably be the title of the next period.
Dear Insurers, Beirut welcomes you, it will spare no effort to host the best of conferences and offer you the most enjoyable stay.
Join us
Assaad Mirza
Representative of the Lebanese market to the GAIF
// Message Of The Gaif Secretary General //
It is our pleasure to invite you to attend GAIF 31st General Conference which will take place in Beirut – Lebanon from 24th-26th May 2016.
Our forthcoming General Conference represents an important opportunity to discuss & review the present status and the challenges facing the Arab Insurance Industry drawing upon the regional & international experience to propose suitable solutions in order to maintain the integrity , effectiveness and prosperity of the Arab Insurance Industry through its own elements of growth, looking to increase their contribution in the economical development and enhancing its role in providing the insurance umbrella to all economical sectors .
In this context the conference will be conducted under the theme
“The Future Challenges of the Arab Insurance and Reinsurance Companies ”
For more dialogue between the participants ,the conference program topics have been selected to be inspired from the theme through interactive sessions.
GAIF conference represents an opportunity for professionals to discuss and recognize the future prospects and potential growth of Arab Insurance Industry.
Looking forward to meeting and welcoming you in Beirut – Lebanon.
Please accept the secretariat’s utmost respect and appreciation,
Yours sincerely
Abdel Khaleq Raouf Khalil
Secretary General
General Arab Insurance Federation "GAIF"
// Conference News //